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Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid is similar to the life blood of an engine vehicle transmission. At Eagle Transmission of Irving TX, we possess the expertise for all your transmission fluid needs and will help you achieve the most out of your vehicle’s transmission.

Extreme heat is created in in your vehicles torque converter through fiction from automatic transmissions. Various other resources of friction is created when the clutch packs are engaged, and also typical friction developed by bearings and your transmission gears taking their loads.

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) heats up rapidly while driving. If your transmission fluid temperatures could maintain at 175 degrees, as that is the normal temperature the transmission fluid was designed to stand. The transmission fluid may continue up to 50,000 miles*(varies by car manufacture call us for more details on your vehicles transmission fluid).  As temperature rises, the life of the transmission fluid begins to drop. The truth is that the Automatic transmission fluid temperatures can be pushed by your vehicle standard driving conditions beyond safe limits. Even extreme cold or hot temperatures and heavy towing prolonged time sitting in traffic can easily cause transmission fluid deterioration. Once this occurs, the transmission trouble starts.

Here are four examples of a typical transmission fluid condition:

Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Normal Transmission Fluid State

New Fresh Transmission Fluid

Burned Transmission Fluid

If your ATF fluid seems to be any color other than "New Fresh color" or "Regular Condition color" you must have your vehicle transmission serviced as soon as you can. Any additional delay or continued use of contaminated transmission fluid or burnt will considerably shorten the life expectancy of your cars transmission and can result in more high-priced repair if not total failure of the transmission. You can call us today for more details.

Transmission fluid colors

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