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Check Engine Light On?

Your vehicle check engine light, which is located on the instrument panel, is there to alert you concerning your car or truck onboard diagnostics (OBD) system.  ECM or Engine Control Modules controls and monitor car or truck engine and transmission performance and is continually adjusting & monitoring many variables such as: as engine speed, ignition timing, and fuel mixture. It also optimizes the automatic transmission shift timing. If the electronic-control system comes across a problem it cannot adjust for, the ECM creates and stores a code and lights up the yellow warning indicator.  These trouble codes, are known as “P” codes can help a properly trained diagnostic technician determine the most probable source of the problem. Each vehicle manufacturer uses a special software that is unique to their company. It's necessary to have the proper auto diagnostic equipment which can talk to  the OBD system. Where and how the Auto ECM computer is accessed varies and depends on the make, model and year of the car or truck.

Bring it By Eagle Transmission of Irving for a FREE Initial check engine light diagnostics.


We invite you to bring your car to Eagle Transmission Irving so WE can check it out the right way!  Call us TODAY at 972-445-9924! We are The One to Trust!

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light